About us

Thank you for your patience while we develop this site.

For now, just a little about us:

We started out as a home fellowship from a local Calvary Chapel in the Austin Region.
Once the community of Believers became more than fit comfortably in a living room, we were given our 'wings to fly'. We began meeting in a rented facility on June 21, 2015.

Our Corporate covering was first under the umbrella of Calvary Chapel S/W Metro in Burleson, TX. This is where our Pastor previously had served the assistant.

We incorporated in August 2015.

It is our desire to Love God with all that is within us and to love our neighbors in Manor and Elgin (Austin East Metro area).

We teach the Word of God, line by line and verse by verse in a very simple way. It is simply taught, so that we may simply understand God's love and grow in it.
Our group enjoys genuine fellowship as we build our lives together.
​We see each other as family